Wooly is still in development

As you may know, Wooly’s prototype has been released on the 6th of June. Specifically designed for Android, you can download it on our last post on the devblog. We are very proud of what the team has done with Wooly. But if you have played the game, you may have experienced some problems during your gaming time. This post is here to reassure you on some points, and to allow you to discover the game even if you couldn’t stand some problems. Let’s begin by the beginning movie of the game !

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It’s playable on Tablets !

Hello everyone !

Today, a simple post to announe to you that the game is now back on Android tablets. Yes, we know that we said earlier it may not be the case… But, after correcting some bugs, we are now able to say that the game will run on your tablet, and the experience should be more intense on it !

The gameplay has been thought for the touchscreen capacities of tablets. You should be able to do every move you want by only tapping on the right place on the screen. Of course, there are still many bugs, but we surely hope that the game will be ready for the NovaPlay ending, meaning the 6th of June ! Be ready, everyone !

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Sound Design : Giving life to the world

As you may have noticed, Martin, our sound designer, has already made the main theme of the game. It has been the subject of another article. But the sound in the game is not only a matter of musics ! He has much more to do with the different sounds effects that deals with the whole universe and the interactions with which the player will progress through the game. This article will depict to you some of the work that Martin is actually doing for Wooly, directly connected to the game and its level design.

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Wooly’s Definitive Gameplay

The game creation process is full of back and forth through our reflections and productions. This is an iterative system, and as there still are uncertainties and doubts on some parts of the game, everything we made can be questioned. But there is nothing that we made that can be considered as a time loss. As Edison said while inventing the light bulb : “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Don’t worry, there are not many changes in Wooly. We only have been considering little parts of the game, thanks to a meeting with our teachers at school and thanks to some playtests. This article will be the occasion to explain some new gameplay elements that have been included into the game, some choices we made on the controls, and some more elements about the story and the universe.

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Wooly, living voodoo doll, goes for an adventure in search of his kidnapped owner. This Video Game is nominated for the NovaPlay.