Rome: the golden age

Rome: The Golden Age offers a simple yet aesthetically pleasing theme of the ancient Roman civilisation. The background features different elements of Roman culture, which appear in varying degrees of detail. It also features subtle animations and a brown colour scheme. As for the game mechanics, Rome: The Golden Age features free spins, respin style free spins, and multiplier meters. The theme and game engine of this slot make it suitable for mobile devices and tablets. The game adapts to the direction in which you hold the device. The spin button floats to a convenient location.

When the Roman Empire was at its height, the people of Rome lived in cramped quarters. There were many slaves and free men living together, which meant that the city was densely populated. The government responded by developing insulae, large areas of paved roads and buildings that housed many people. Insulae were several stories high and poorly constructed. As a result, they were often prone to collapse and the spread of disease.

The second century AD is generally considered the golden age of Rome. As a mighty power, the Roman Empire enjoyed a period of relative peace. The period during which the Roman Empire was at its height was known as the Pax Romana. This time of relative peace and prosperity in Rome was devoid of major conflicts. This period was also characterized by the development of new construction techniques, which resulted in the construction of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Aqueduct of Segovia.